See here what the classic caricature is and read about the history of caricatures.

Our caricatures are hand drawn by experienced artists with an experience of over 35 years, combined. The caricatures are hand drawn using conventional drawing techniques and not digitally rendered. All we need from you is a picture showing the face(s) and a brief description of the setting.

In case you are not happy with your order we will fix, redraw the caricature or refund your money.

The caricatures are sent as 300 DPI high resolution files printable up to poster size.

You need to upload your picture(s) and describe how you want to be drawn. If it is a group make sure you specify who the people in the pictures are in case you need any specific details for them. See sample here.

Most poular are caricatures with no background. If you would like to have a background or an unusual amount of details drawn we will charge a “background” fee (samples below).

It takes between 8 to 14 days to finalize your hand drawn caricature. Larger group caricatures can take 14 days or longer. For Christmas, please place your order by November 15th.

Sure we can. For the best graphic example and detailed explanation, click here.

We can draw as many people as you want in a large group caricature. If you need a quote for a larger group please contact us.

Yes, we will email you a preview of the final caricature so you can review it and make sure that you like it. In case you need any adjustments you can reply to our email with your request or contact us.