Caricatures from Photos

Personal Caricatures

Personal Caricatures are a great gift idea. The caricatures are fully customizable and the subject can be drawn in any setting and clothing desired. We can make your caricatures from photos. All we need is a picture of the face and a setting described by you.

2 People Caricatures

The 2 People Caricatures are usually used either as wedding gifts, or for best friends and business partners. Upload your pictures online and let us know how you want to be drawn. We’ll do our magic, and you will get an unforgettable caricature.

Group Caricatures
3 or More People

The Group Caricatures are very popular as bridesmaids or groomsmen wedding gifts as well extremly nice retirement presents or office / team caricatures. We can draw any number of people in a group caricature.

Business Logos

Logo Caricatures are used by businesses that want to stand out and show that they are open minded, thinking out of the box. Great for any business to use on it’s website, business cards, ads, business stationary and more.

Avatar Caricatures

Avatar Caricatures are usually used on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and more. They can be also used as email signatures, blogs and other online media.